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Tips for buying console table

1.   Is it decorative? First, you need to determine the purpose of the console table. Do you want to match it ideally with other furniture that has the same style, material and color? Or you prefer to employ it as an accent table against different interiors style. For example using a timeworn ornate console brushed with pastel rustic in mix with contemporary furniture.

2.    Is it functional? Consider the idea of an extra display opportunity to put any decorative piece on the top of the console table?  If you plan to do so, put in mind how heavy it might be when you buy your console table? Do you need drawers or shelving? 


3.   Material. After answering the above two questions, you will have an idea on what is the most suitable material for your console table.    

·   Wood tables. This is the most popular choice because they work well with most interior schemes. Wood brings in texture, warmth and richness. Choose your favorite between various materials like oak or dark wood like walnut.

·     Mirrored tables. They are ideal to use in bedrooms for creating a sense feminine boudoir.

·     Metal tables. They boost a striking touch for modern interior schemes.

·     Glass tables. They are perfect for small hallways and compact spaces because they are see through


4.  Where to use a console table?

·    Hallway. Console tables are perfect for small/ narrow hallways. You can pick a design with drawers to keep keys or pens and consider hanging a mirror above to draw visual illusion of a wider space. 

·    Dressing table. Go for a modern dressing table in a bedroom with a feature console table where you can place decorative baskets underneath for extra storage. 

·    Living room. Use a console table to separate the living area from the dining table in an open plan living space. You may consider putting two large lamps to create a visual divided look. For contemporary style furniture, select a glass, chrome or stainless steel console table or a mix of these materials to complement the entire theme

·       As a desk. Sometimes a slim console table can be used as a small desk.

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